Partner Solutions

TapHere Strategic Partnerships with Chef, AWS, Red Hat, HashiCorp, and Inflectra assist with implementation of DevSecOps / automation and Cloud Provisioning / Migration at key customer locations, as well as bolster our access to training resources, best practices, reach-back to partner engineering / operations teams, and expand the continuing education and certifications for our employees.


DevSecOps is a methodology that prioritizes delivery speed, integrated security, and system quality.

DevSecOps is a practice including continuous integration/delivery (CI/CD) pipelines to automate system builds, tests, and deployments.

DevSecOps enables common understanding of requirements across software development, operations, and security engineers.

DevSecOps establishes repeatable processes for configuration management across varying infrastructures.

DevSecOps shortens the intervals to identify / resolve problems and improves compliance with information security standards.

DevSecOps ROI is evident with cost savings across software engineering, operations and maintenance.

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